One of the biggest issues for electric companies or utility companies in the field is the theft of critical parts from electric equipment. You see it all the time throughout cities where light poles and transformers are broken open, parts are stolen, and the posts are stripped for their wiring and other valuable interior assets. This is a bigger problem than some may think but if you’re in the electrical industry, you know the issues well.

Paying for replacements can be extremely costly. But what else can you do? One way to combat theft would be to limit the re-salability of the parts that come from light posts and transformers. That is why we’re now offering plastic alternative parts.

Options include plastic custom, angled and decorative transformer doors, a wide array of plastic handhole covers, plastic nut and bolt covers, plastic post and pole caps, and plastic square base covers. Most of which are available in multiple sizes, colors, and styles to match the existing post’s look and feel. But that’s not the best part. These plastic alternative pieces offer the same strength and protection as the steel options but have little to zero monetary value for thieves.

Whether you’re dealing with ordering replacement parts for a damaged or stripped electrical asset or are looking to be proactive in future designs, contact us today at Ideal Utility Services for more information on our plastic alternative parts for light poles and transformers. We also specialize in Ballistic Barriers and offer Bollard Covers, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, and Handrail options.

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