ASTM M30 Shallow Mount K4 Bollard

The ASTM M30 Shallow Mount K4 Bollards are crash tested and certified with ASTM F2656-07 M30 P1 rating (K4), and have been approved by the Department of Defense (DoD) and is listed on the Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List. Designed to be installed in tougher areas and protect critical assets, the bollard has bi-directional stopping capability meaning it can be hit from any direction.

Need to Know Features:

  • One single standalone bollard has the ability to stop 15,000 lb. vehicle at 30 mph with less than one-meter of penetration
  • Shallow foundation only 12″ deep avoids underground utilities
  • Excavation only 66″ wide x 12″ deep with 3000 psi concrete (1.15 cy concrete per bollard)
  • Only one prefabricated bollard unit to set. Allows for field adjustment
  • No field welding, bolted connections, or specialty subgrade required during installation
  • Easily installed with turns and across grade elevation changes
  • Bollard spacing up to 54″ on center minimizes the number of bollards required. Fewer bollards mean lower overall cost.
  • Variety of bollard covers are available including stainless steel, plastic dome top, decorative designs, concrete, and lighted covers

If you’re interested in adding ASTM M30 Shallow Mount K4 Bollards or any other critical asset protection barriers to your business or property, contact us today.