With the December 2015 passing of the CIP-014 standard, the critical asset protection industry is about to take off. That means plenty of utility security companies will be creating and manufacturing their own ballistic barriers. But most are creating something similar to what’s already been available for years. And we’ve seen how those designs have done against attacks.

Change and innovation is wanted. That is why an Ideal solution to ballistic barrier design is necessary:

  • Made of US Steel
    • Concrete walls and chainlink fences have been what stands between critical assets and terrorist attacks for years now. But not anymore. Our US Steel barriers will protect electric grids and other assets from almost every form of attack. These barriers also give facilities and areas visual obstruction to deter terrorists from their wanted penetration spots.
  • Resistant to Attacks
    • From the US Steel structure to the available add-on anti-climbing features, an Ideal barrier will be able to withstand all different forms of attack. That includes cutting, climbing, ramming and several forms of ballistic attacks.
  • UL 752 Level 3,4,7, 8 and 10 Ballistics Protection certified
    • Ballistic attacks are the most common form of attack on utility assets which means having a barrier that can withstand top level ballistics is critical. Ideal’s barriers were tested by H.P. White Laboratory, Inc. and are fully up to CIP-014 standards.
  • Customizable Look
    • Buyers will be able to choose from five different finishes, including raw steel, painted steel, galvanized, powder coated and custom design coatings that are available in custom heights and lengths to give 360 degrees of protection.

Ideal’s ballistic barriers are the most state-of-the-art security features for critical asset protection available. They not only are made of steel and are secure from most forms of attack but they are also customizable. Having a gray, concrete wall, or chain link fence surrounding a facility or grid doesn’t look good.

So, make sure your substations and other critical assets are protected with the best. Contact us today for more information on our low cost, durable security solution with a superior range of ballistics protection. We can answer any questions on our asset protection options and get you a quote for your utility facility.

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