For anyone working in the utility service and security industry, government mandates towards the industry are always something to keep a close eye on. While most mandates have to do with security or safety and the latest standard that was passed in late January of 2015 is no different.

CIP-014 (or Critical Infrastructure Protection) is a physical security standard to identify and protect Transmission stations, substations, and their primary control centers.

But why did lawmakers have to step in?

CIP-014-1 was necessary after several attacks have taken place over the last couple years on Transmission facilities and power grids. That includes a sniper attack on an Oklahoma substation which caused $1 million in damages as well as an attack on an Arkansas electric grid that left 10,000 people without power.

Going without power for a little bit may not seem like the worst thing in the world but when you realize how a large blackout can not only affect the quality of life in the area but also impact the economy altogether. Without power, businesses throughout the region will be unable to operate which can have a snowball effect on every single person. That is why this standard is needed.

Thanks to the Critical Infrastructure Protection standard, transmission owners are now required to perform risk assessments that identify critical transmission stations and substations and associated primary control centers. Once identified, owners must evaluate for physical threats, develop and implement a security plan.

Whether you’re an owner or worker in the in U.S. Energy industry or a person that enjoys electricity and heat, this CIP-014 standard is important to know and understand.

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